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Kathryn Telford

Kathryn Telford 41

I signed up for the Kickstart programme for one month. He continued to encourage me throughout the programme and he is genuinely interested in helping you improve. He pushes you harder than you would yourself which helps you realise what you are capable of. The programme is very varied and a lot of fun. You’ll learn to laugh and be out of breath at the same time. The dietary analysis and advice is superb. I wanted to adapt my diet not follow a regime and Dan took this on-board. Even the smallest alterations have made a huge difference. So where am I now? Nearly pain free, lifting weights beyond what I’d ever done before, back trail running and looking forward to a ski holiday. Thank you Dan. I genuinely don’t think I could have done this without you” :)

Steve Goodwin

Steve Goodwin 51

I was unsure as to whether I would benefit from personal training. However, I had tried getting back into training a few times on my own I found I would do it for a few months and then the training would tail off and the weight would come back on. I would lose motivation. So I decided to give it a go and am extremely glad I did. Having a structured programme that enables you to see progress over time and understand why you are doing what you are has made motivation far easier to maintain.  It’s far easier to achieve results with structured individual programme than slogging away at a gym trying to do your own thing. The best thing about training at Instinct Wellness is the results, maintaining progress, friendly atmosphere, structured training […]

Emma Hunter

Emma Hunter 37

On Day 1 of my 30 Day Fitness Programme with Instinct Wellness, I knew I had made the right decision. As a size 16+, 30-something woman, walking into the professionally-clad, state-of-the-art fitness studio was a little apprehensive at first, but Dan’s warm welcome soon put me at ease as he talked me through the programme. After the initial body scans and measurements, I was shown exactly how much ‘unhealthy fat’ I needed to lose, and just how we were going to put me on the right track to get there. Now, after 28 days out of the 30-day package – I feel completely different. Healthy, more energetic and really positive about my new, slimmer future. Not only have I lost weight, but my body has changed shape too. My clothes are fitting better, some are […]

Mat O’Connor 33

“After seeing yourself I was a little aprehensive but you’ve proved me wrong. By going through the bio print and showing me where my dietcould have an impact to the training and care you’ve taken regarding my severe back problems I can honestly say that 2 months on I am feeling great. You’ve stuck to your word, provided motivation and support and help me lose the weight and shape my body.”

Emma Greene **

“The level of service, knowledge and professionalism I have received have been fantastic.I would recommend Dan’s services to anyone!”

Karen Gittins **

“The results have been better than I could have possibly imagined. I am more supple and flexible, and my posture and balance has improved considerably. I have also dropped a dress size!”

Dave Murray **

“Dan helped me address my flexibility problems through the use of Fascial Stretch Therapy. The enthusiasm and professionalism he has within his work is extremely motivating and infectious which keeps me focused on my goals. The outcomes thus far have been very positive and I can’t thank Dan enough for helping me.”

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Jacquie Hudson **

“When Dan says he gets results, he really does. I asked Dan to help me as I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my clothes (the next size up was looming!). Previous forms of exercise such as the gym and swimming didn’t appeal to me anymore and I knew my diet needed some improvement. I have only been training with Dan for 6 weeks but already I have seen real results. My body fat has reduced, my clothes fit better, I feel more confident and I have more energy. All thanks to Dan’s training programme, nutritional advice, motivation and support. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone wishing to regain confidence in their body shape.”

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Ian, Business Owner 55

“Working with Dan I have lost 1 stone, 7lbs in just over 2 months. The real turning point for me was when Dan performed the BioPrint assessment and nutrition consultation. This is when things really clicked. Dan explained the results of my BioPrint assessment which explained where I was storing body fat and how this related to my food intake and hormones. This brought into focus where I was going wrong so Dan gave me nutrition advice to help me with my weight loss goals. His advice not only helped me lose weight but it also gave me much more energy throughout my day. After each re-assessment he makes the necessary changes to my nutrition and fitness programme which helps ensure that I continue to progress. I’m now as lean at 55 as I was […]

  • Lost 1 Stone 7Lbs
  • General health & well being greatly improved

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